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The company is committed to environmentally friendly waste processing and recycling.

With the latest technologies, we strive to achieve maximum material recycling by closing the circle in the product use chain.

Along with our Swedish-Guinean parent company, we strive for global results, but we believe that every step starts locally, so we feel our mission globally is to promote environmentally friendly waste processing.

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E-waste recycling

Responsible disposal of electronic waste has never been more important than it is today. Worldwide, 50 million tonnes of electrical waste are generated each year. Most of them are disposed of carelessly in a non-environmentally friendly way..


Plastics recycling

Recycled plastic requires less than 20 % of the energy needed to produce virgin plastic, saving huge quantities of greenhouse gases and the huge problem of waste storage. In order to do this, we first separate the different polymer materials from the mixed waste.

Recovery of precious metal

Recycling technology is one of the most environmentally reliable solutions for the extraction of gold, silver, palladium and platinum from electronic waste. Our patented cyanide-free technology does not use harmful chemicals.


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Our purchase prices require an individual review in each case. Electronic waste prices can be viewed here. tekintheti meg.
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