Electronic waste purchase prices

If You have a larger amount, ask us for a unique bid!

We cannot pay for monitors, keyboards, picture tube TV, printers.

Read more about our e-waste transportation process here.

Monitor purchase prices

X €/kg

Full computer case purchase prices

0,3 €/kg

Whole laptop purchase prices

0,42 €/kg

Power cord

0,2 €/kg

Power supply purchase prices

0,2 €/kg

Mobile phone purchase prices

Without back cover and battery

4,8-7 €/kg

Mobile phone motherboard

Without display and battery

14 €/kg

Computer connector

without cable

0,6 €/kg

Szalag kábel csatakozóval


0,42 €/kg

HDD Winchester prices

1,4 €/kg

HDD winchester motherboard

8,4 €/kg

CD, DVD drive, FDD purchase prices

0,14 €/kg

Keyboard purchase prices

0 €/kg

Network server panel

5,3 €/kg

Double processor server panel

4,2 €/kg

Gold connector server panel

7 €/kg

Gilded panel 1A++

5,6 €/kg

Gilded panel 1B++

5,3 €/kg

3. Class panel

0,5 €/kg

Superior card 1++ 1++

6,4 €/kg

Laptop motherboard

5 €/kg

New generation motherboard

2,1 €/kg

Old generation motherboard P1-P3

5 €/kg


Expansion cards without magnetizable metal and aluminum heat sink

5,6 €/kg

Silver RAM purchase prices

5,6 €/kg

Gold RAM purchase prices

25 €/kg

Server purchase prices

CPU–fekete bakelit alapon

CPU - black vinyl background

55,6 €/kg

CPU-fémkupak nélkül

CPU - ceramic and plastic, without metal cap

4,2 €/kg

CPU–fémkupakos P4

CPU - metal cap P4 acceptance prices

5,6 €/kg

CPU–kerámia alapú, aranylapkás

CPU - ceramic based, gold chip (286/386/486/AMD-K5)

83,4 €/kg

CPU-kerámia alapú

CPU - ALU cap, ceramic based

38,9 €/kg

CPU-kerámia alapú

CPU - ceramic based, gold plated cap

69,5 €/kg

We accept no liability for errors resulting from the instructions. In each case, we make an individual offer. Prices are for information only.