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Precious Metals Recovery & Refining Services


If you are looking for a reliable precious metal refinery, a partner with all the expertise to recover precious metals, Goldwater Recycling is at your disposal.

We have modern technology and many years of experience in the recovery and refining process of precious metals, from which both our customers and the environment benefit!

We are one of those precious metals refiners, who cares about the environment.

“We exploit the earth because we see it as a commodity that we own. We will use it with love and respect when we will see it as a community we belong to.”


High quality precious metal recovery


    Technological description of the recovery of precious metals



    According to our service, the method of the recovery process and the materials received are determined by the physical and chemical characteristics of the precious metal and waste materials.

    It is also possible to: extract gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and some other materials. At our site mostly, gold and silver waste is processed.

    There are basically two ways to maintain the recycling process and extract the required precious metal from the electronic components: through classical chemical or electrochemical methods.

    The common feature of both methods is the separation of precious metal from the substrate material in an acid medium. As a result, in both cases we get a sludge rich in raw precious metal and a predominantly marketable medium.

    The precious metal-containing sludge is refined by classical chemical methods, and as a result we get a precious metal with a fineness of 950-999 thousandths.

    In the case of high plastic content, and a homogeneous base metal coating covering the entire surface, a complex multi-component acid solution can be used for the recovery of precious metal. Electrochemical methods can be used to treat waste containing a small plastic (possibly plastic-free), partial inhomogeneous surface precious metal coating.


    • The extraction and processing of waste containing palladium and platinum is carried out only and exclusively using classical chemistry methods.
    • It is also possible to recover surface gold and silver from gold plated and silver plated jewelry.
      Complete exploration technology is used for gold and silver jewelry and waste containing precious metal in alloys (non-surface coating), in this way, the infertile metals are removed with good efficiency from the precious metals carrying the value.


    In all cases where the material contains several types of precious metals at the same time, they are recovered selectively in high purity and highest returns.

    Goldwater Recycling: your complete solution for e-waste management.


    Our mission


    Our primary goal is to recycle,- extend the life cycle of products and waste as much as possible to protect our planet’s natural resources. For this purpose, we offer a variety of services, where an important component is the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste, dental scrap, including the environmentally sound disposal of these hazardous materials in accordance with laws, regulations and industry standards.

    GWR’s technology is one of the most environmentally reliable solutions for the extraction of gold, silver platinum and palladium from electronic waste. Our patented cyanide-free technology does not use harmful chemicals.

    Precious metals recovery is a vital process in the recycling industry, as it helps to extract valuable metals like gold, silver, and platinum from electronic waste and other sources, which helps to creates a sustainable society. precious metal recycling.

    If you are looking for a precious metal recycling company, look no further. Goldwater Recycling is committed to providing safe, secure, and environmentally responsible solutions for your company’s e-waste and inter-production e-waste disposal needs.


      Are you looking for a reliable precious metal refinery?

      Goldwater Recycling is one of the best precious metal refineries with years of experience in the refining process. We have modern technology and we care about the environment. We have years of experience and the latest technology in refining precious metals.

      Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible, while also doing our part in protecting the environment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!

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