Goldwater Recycling

The Goldwater Recycling was founded in the footsteps of its Swedish parent company for the processing and recycling of electronic waste.

As the volume of electrical and electronic equipment continues to increase – due to the increase in consumption and their relatively short lifespan, it is important to manage them properly, after scrapping and becoming waste.

Goldwater Recycling – in the meaning of the company’s name, it also reflects its efforts to preserve and improve the environment.

Our company mainly deals with the processing of printed circuit components that have become waste, which is implemented with closed and environmentally friendly technology to minimise environmental pressures, protecting both living and non-living environments.

As an additional activity, we also undertake the processing, grinding and separation of plastic waste, so that they can be re-processed as clean materials when they return to the cycle.

We also have a great deal of expertise in the recovery of precious metals. If you have a large amount of precious metal equipment or are looking for environmentally-conscious recycled precious metals, please contact us and ask for more information.

Our environmental policy is also characterised by the development of the energy-saving operation of our site, because, with the help of solar panels, solar collectors and pellet boilers to use alternative energy.

If our short description has aroused Your interest and You would like to get to know the company’s activities in more detail, or if You would like to be our partner or supplier in the light of the above please contact us in one of the following contacts.

Your’s faithfully:

Paál Szilveszter executive (+36 70 360 4965)

Goldwater Recycling Kft.

2651 Rétság, Pusztaszántói str. 17.

Metal trade license:  FE000860

KÜJ number:  103 443 043

KTJ number:  102 633 608

VPID number:   HU0037246211

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