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Electronic waste management, inter-production e-waste disposal


Disposal or recycling electronics of used hardware, electronic devices or components is not easy. Electronic waste is hazardous but recyclable!

Securely dispose of your e-waste with us, we cover the shipping costs for larger quantities!!!
Work only with the best recycling services.

Work with us!

We would like to draw the attention of our visitors, that we are currently unable to collect electric waste from private individuals. Thank you for your understanding!

“Achieving a waste-free lifestyle is an aspiration, not a condition!”

Responsible e-waste disposal has never been more important than it is today. Worldwide, 50 million tonnes of electrical waste are generated each year. Most of them are disposed of carelessly in a non-environmentally friendly way.

COnly from Europe 352.474 tonnes of electronic waste are exported each year and most of them are exported (i) to third world landfills.


E-waste recycling has never been more important

When electronic waste is disposed of in a landfill, not only the components that are still operational, but also a large amount of precious metals – gold, silver, palladium is disposed of unused in the mixed waste. Disposal of electronic waste in waste yards is the appropriate way to dispose of waste and recycle discarded equipment.

As a result of electronics recycling, the material undergoing the operation will no longer have the status of waste, it will then be classified as a raw material which meets the technical requirements it equipment recycling and the legal requirements and standards applicable to it in accordance with its intended purpose. Thus, their further use does not have an adverse effect on the environment or human health.


Act wisely, deliver Your discarded electronic components to us!


Goldwater Recycling ensures that they are recycled and processed properly. The environmentally responsible manner and conscious action of the environment will be rewarded with fair prices and we will ensure that the delivered e-waste is properly disposed and recycled.

Shipment of e-waste for companies. On demand, with a destruction certificate, because we not only store it, but process it and return it to the product use chain, so that it can start a new life as a raw material!

elektronikai hulladék

Deposable types of electronic waste

Computer equipment – hardware waste reception


You can also hand over discarded computers as a whole. We are also happy to make an offer for the secure and privacy-appropriate destruction of data carriers, as we also provide legal data destruction services.


  • Whole desktop computers, PC-s
  • Laptops
  • Docking stations
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Faulty, used phones, mobile phones
  • TFT-Monitors
  • Keyboards, mice
  • Printers (inkjet printers, laser printers, multifunctional printers, etc.)
  • Scanners
  • External power supplies

Reception of electronic components


Purchase prices vary depending on type and generation. The detailed price list can be found here .


  • From computers, hard drives, mobile phones, etc. originating platinum
  • Motherboard
  • Back panels
  • Processors
  • RAM memory chips
  • IT-waste, computer interface connector with gold plated connectors
  • Ribbon cable, IDE cable
  • Optical drives
  • Power supplies
  • Fans
  • Electric motors, coils, and other components containing copper
  • PCBs

We also purchase electronic devices, IT-waste, processors returned under warranty.

Contact us!

Scrap metal reception


Below You can also find a small list of other metal scrap that we are purchasing. If You are not sure if we are receiving a particular material, please contact us.


  • alloy wheels
  • aluminium window frames
  • copper cables
  • copper cast parts
  • etc.

What we can NOT buy


  • White goods (refrigator, washing machine etc.)
  • CRT monitors / televíziók
  • Print cartridges (toner should be removed from printers)
  • Batteries, rechargeable batteries (for example, in case of smartphones, the battery must be removed)
  • Smartphones with built-in rechargeable battery

Electronic waste transportation process


  • Contact us by email where You should summarize:
  • What type of e-waste is involved (how many pieces of laptop, monitor, printer, desktop etc.)
  • If it is not possible to determine precisely, try to determine by an approximate cubic metre or weight.
  • Give us the address and contact information so that our colleague can contact You and schedule a delivery.
  • For each receipt a take-over protocol is issued to confirm that the discarded electronic equipments has been delivered for recycling.
  • It is currently not possible to hand over residential and household electrical and electronic equipment.

Electronic waste purchase prices


The precious metal content is different for each component and therefore the pricing of electronic waste also varies over a broad spectrum.

In Your favour: the more accurate the calculation, the better the price we pay for the materials. In case of large quantities, parts are divided into categories or quality classes for the highest purchase price.

Mixed hazardous materials are evaluated separately.

If You wish to request a shipment of electronic waste, please contact us to discuss the details.

Detailed purchase prices for electronic waste can be found here


Protect Your environment!


Many old electrical appliances and e-waste contain hazardous substances that can pose a serious risk not only to our environment but also to our own health. At the same time, they represent a significant value if they are processed and recycled, as they reduce the environmental load. As they won’t be re-mined, processed or transported over long distances. It is also important to note that if electronic equipment and devices are not placed in the right waste processor equipment disposal, they will cause serious damage in the event of leakage of hazardous substances into the ground.

Goldwater Recycling adheres to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal and reuse of electronic waste, in compliance with the regulations set by the e-waste and recycling industry.

Only in the appropriate processes can these components – used electronics can be recycled, and the hazardous and toxic substances of electronic waste be isolated.


Bring Your discarded equipment to us and it will be reused as a raw material when properly treated as an electronic waste processor.


Goldwater Recycling thanks You for Your active contribution to environmental protection!

Proper e-waste processing, responsible recycling is the key to our future…


GWR: e-waste recycling and recycling programs for businesses…

We are one of those e-waste recyclers, who care about the environment!


Tel: +36-70-360-4965


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